No Frame

"Disconnection" Oil on Wood Board 36''x48'' 2013


Artist Statement

Aesthetically this work is influenced by the land/seascapes of the Romantics, mainly Turner and Friedrich. Their dominatingly large colourful skies allow the viewer to feel small and insignificant at the wrath of nature.

During the Enlightenment period, artists feared we would loose touch with nature due to the luxuries that came with metal, steel and steam. This fear is especially relevant today as our technology saturated lives draw us further and further away from the realities of nature and human interaction.

Living in a densely populated city does not necessarily mean there is an abundance of substantial connections. Often, there is an overwhelming sense of feeling alone in a crowd. As a result, people cram themselves into narrow bars at night, hoping to relate to other human beings or at the very least feel physically close.

We focus so closely on the miniscule details of our lives that we often forget to look up. The brooding sky depicted is based on the torrential Toronto storm in July 2013. It was a screaming reminder to reprioritize and focus on connecting with ourselves, those around us and the space in which we all exist.

Nicole Di Nardo

my business copyright 2000 no animals were harmed in the making


copyright nicole di nardo 2012